BOSCH KGN39VL3AG Fridge Freezer

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Bosch KGN39VL3AG Frost Free Fridge Freezer can make your food storage flexible through its clever features.



The appliance has the technological hallmarks of Bosch's fridge freezer range, which are designed to be adaptable and keep items fresh for longer.



total net capacity of 366 net litres is split between the fridge, which can contain 279 litres, while the freezer has 87 litres.



The fridge has three adjustable glass shelves above one full-sized and two half VitaFresh bins, which have separate humidity settings.



The bottom bin is for vegetables and fruit, with controllable humidity to take moisture conditions into account.



The half bins above are for meat and fish, in a dry zone which is best kept at around zero degrees. Low temperatures slow down the spoiling process, so your items should last twice as long.



wine rack is also included, which can hold up to four bottles. One large tray in the fridge door is accompanied by three smaller ones, providing ample space for drinks and dairy products.



Both the fridge and freezer are frost free, with condensation collected in two separate chiller units that defrost themselves until the liquid evaporates.



The MultiAirflow system is fan assisted, so cold air is evenly distributed around all areas of the appliance. A self-maintaining AirFreshFilter is built in to tackle odour and bacteria.



There are SuperCool and Super Freezing functions, which drops the temperature so new goods can be chilled or frozen quickly. It can freeze up to 14kg in just 24 hours.



Three freezer drawers can be removed to create a large cavity, ideal for big joints of meat and huge dishes of your home favourites.



An A++ rating for energy efficiency, with estimated annual energy consumption of 273 kWh, makes this model economical. A noise level output of 39 decibels is considered quiet for a fridge freezer.


Built-in or Freestanding FREESTANDING

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